Shopping For LED Lighting

A Short Guide to Shopping For LED Lighting

If you are looking for a home improvement idea, lighting must be in your list. Your home’s décor largely depends on how well you play with lighting. Contemporary interior and exterior designers are leveraging lighting to give otherwise ordinary spaces a resplendent touch. However, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) can also increase your home maintenance costs and this is where light-emitting diode (LED) lighting comes in handy.

LED lighting is now ubiquitous both in homes and offices and for many good reasons. Before you overhaul your home’s lighting, get some insight on LED lamps and the reason they are now more popular than ever before.

LED Lighting in Perspective

This is the most energy efficient lighting/fjernlys solution today. ENERGY/ekstralys STAR LED lamps use 75% less energy, which can go a long way in reducing your power bill. These lamps also provide more focused lighting eliminating the need for reflectors. More importantly, these lamps are durable and require minimal maintenance.

LED lighting is a green technology and no harmful chemicals are produced in the lighting(varsellys) process. Whichever design you have in mind, there is a lamp for you. LEDs are perfect for any structure and also outdoor lighting. In essence, you save money and save the planet in the process.

What to Consider in LED Lighting

Before hitting the stores for your LED lamps, here are some factors to consider:

1. The LED Bulb Fitting: If you go shopping without knowing the pin used for your lamps it might cost you a lot. Check the type of pin on the holder in order to know which LED lamp to choose from. Write down the fitting reference number in case you are unsure of the design.
2. Determine the perfect style: Different rooms require varying levels of light. You must choose a bulb style that will illuminate the room adequately. Bulb brightness and shape determine how well your LED lighting will serve you. Remember to check for lumen rating as opposed to Watts when choosing brightness levels of LEDs. The Kelvin scale will help choose the type of light color you need. A CRI (color rendering index) of 80 is ideal for LED lamps though it depends on your color preference.
3. Get creative: Your lighting can revolutionize your room and there are myriad designs to choose from. When it comes to lighting, always get bold and don’t shy from experimenting.

Shopping for the Perfect LED Lighting

Now that you have decided what color and style you want for your LEDs, go ahead and compare as many brands as possible. Read reviews and testimonials and always go for a brand that is renowned in the industry. Make sure you buy ENERGY STAR rated LED lamps for the best experience.